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May 6, 2017
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Online Ambeo guide by Sennheiser

Sennheiser, the German audio giant, has released the Ambeo Music Blueprints, an online guide for 3D sound recording using the manufacturer’s Ambeo 3D immersive audio technology. The dedicated website features three categories:

  1. Ambeo for Loudspeakers;
  2. Ambeo for Binaural; and
  3. Ambeo for Virtual Reality.

Targeting seasoned audio engineers as well as those that aspire to work in sound and streaming specialists, the website offers expert advice, sound examples, equipment rental options, instructional videos and free downloadable plugins.

The Ambeo for Loudspeakers section looks into the main microphone setups employed for creating 3D audio recordings. ‘For a 3D audio recording, the usual stereo pair of main microphones is replaced by the Ambeo Cube or the Ambeo Square,’ noted Gregor Zielinsky, tonmeister at Sennheiser. ‘Just as with standard stereo recordings, the sound of the main microphones can of course be enhanced by employing spot microphones – the Ambeo Blueprints explain what aspects to pay attention to for best results.’

Ambeo for Biural examines new binaural mixing workflows. ‘Ambeo for Binaural is a straightforward way to produce 3D audio for immediate enjoyment by listeners. All they will need is their standard stereo pair of headphones,’ explained Ms Larcher.

The Ambeo for Virtual Reality area highlights how Ambeo can be adopted to create 360-degree recordings. ‘Just as the production of immersive recordings and streamed content is a growing craft, so the Ambeo Music Blueprints will grow, becoming a hub for comprehensive information on 3D immersive audio, with a wealth of useful tips and tricks from sound experts across the globe,’ Ms Larcher added.

To have a look at the blueprints, visit

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